In 1990, Randy and Claudia Bjorklund (parents of Keith) started Bjorklund Woodworks-- a custom cabinetry shop in Spokane, Washington. Over the next 20+ years, both Claudia and Randy established a reputable name for Bjorklund Woodworks across the Pacific Northwest. Quality and dedication was a cornerstone of their work ethic and people could count on getting the best. With the recession of 2008 came hard times. Finally in 2012, Bjorklund Woodworks closed its doors for good.

Bjorklund Reedworks is a name that pays homage to this legacy. We are built on an ethic of hard work, dedication and a standard for high quality that has been passed down from one generation to the next.



"Bee - york - lund"


Our story began in 2012, started by Keith Bjorklund initially as Chicago Oboe Reeds. Since that time, Bjorklund Reedworks has been building a steady client base of satisfied oboists across the entire continent. With nearly 20 years of experience and a drive for constant improvement, BR offers products and services with such attention to detail and quality that is hard to match.




Most of all, we want to bring joy to our clients. We want to make the process surrounding the making and purchasing of oboe reeds easier. We strive for our clients to be fully satisfied and informed in a way that allows them to own their musical experience and expression to the highest possible degree.

Who We Are